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Production Operator Controlling Gases and Liquid Crude Oil Process

About Our Company

How We Got Our Start

In the heart of Thibodaux, Louisiana, a vision was born in 1976. J. W. Toups, Inc. commenced its journey with a steadfast commitment to serving the industrial and retail sectors of our local community. Behind this endeavor was Mr. John Toups, whose fervent interest in safety and productivity was not just a passing thought but a mission. Channeling this passion, he dived deep into safety analytics, pioneering the creation of our signature safety analytic software.

As the years advanced, so did the pulse of our client base. From the corners of Thibodaux to the vast stretches of 5 continents, our footprint widened in response to the increasing demands for versatile services. Our drive to exceed the expectations of our clientele led to the augmentation of our offerings. Today, J. W. Toups, Inc. is not only renowned for its safety analytics and productivity platform but also for its safety campaigns, strategic branding, custom tally books, promotional products, and bespoke awards.

Our legacy, built on four decades of trust and excellence, stands as a testament to our commitment. At J. W. Toups, Inc., we believe in evolving with the needs of our clients and staying at the forefront of innovation and service. Welcome to our story – a tale of growth, ambition, and unwavering dedication.

Our Founder

Our founder, John Toups

Over the years, Mr. Toups’ reputation has grown – he was chosen by the State of Louisiana as “The Small Business Person of the Year” and was appointed by the Governor to be one of five Louisiana businessmen to serve on the State Small Business Development Corporation. In addition, the Business Roundtable awarded him the “Innovation Award” and “Cost Effectiveness Award” for the tools that he developed to assist Murphy Oil in one of their turnarounds which broke four decades of performance records.

Mr. Toups taught TQM principles at Nicholls State University and established a quality consulting firm called Bottom Line Improvements. He has partnered with one of the world’s leading Behavioral Scientist, E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., to build an online training company to teach management principles and strategies of human dynamics.

His newest creation, the eTracker System, has revolutionized the speed of learning and improvement within projects and organizations. It allows the voice of every worker to be used as a daily cycle time learning tool to impact safety, productivity and quality. eTracker has a measurable impact on reducing waste and balancing the workflow on projects.

Mr. Toups has worked on diverse projects that include the space shuttle, banks, refineries, drill ships, floaters, and jack-ups to name a few. He has traveled the world as a consultant helping companies improve employee performance, reengineer processes, and reducing accidents.

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