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Safety Campaigns

The backbone of our global economy – the Oil, Gas, and Construction sectors – is built upon the diligent hard work of professionals like you. At the heart of every project, every drill, and every foundation lies an irrefutable principle - safety first. And with our dedicated campaigns, we amplify this sentiment.

Our safety campaigns harness the imagination and ingenuity of your employees, your most vital asset. Using insights from neuroscience and behavioral sciences, we create a lively, collaborative atmosphere focused on current concerns. Our six-step process is: 

1. Define the objective. 

2. Capture workers' attention. 

3. Educate the workforce. 

4. Foster active engagement. 

5. Collect and provide data-given insight for continuous learning.

6. Implement a system that automatically distributes actionable data across the entire organizational chart of the owner and contractors.

7. Leverage improvements.

8. Recognize and reward contributors.

We offer specialized campaigns designed to: 

  • Increase your capacity to fail safely. 

  • Promote mindfulness and situational awareness. 

  • Use environmental triggers and habit-stacking for new behavioral patterns. 

  • Increase positive coaching among coworkers. 

All campaigns can be tailored to meet the unique needs and budget constraints of your organization, focusing on real-world scenarios and solutions. We can provide engagement initiatives, to harness the power of team spirit and foster a culture where everyone looks out for one another. We also have the capacity to provide feedback for continuous improvement, which includes regular analytics to ensure the campaigns remain effective and relevant.

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